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Empowerment Coaching & Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom & Empowerment

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EFT Tapping Therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique)

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QTT - Quantum Thinking Technologies, Coaching ~ NLP ~ Quantum Trauma Release ~ Quantum Re - Alignment & The Behavioural Codes - (understand what triggers behavior) QTT works on the premise that it is practically impossible to achieve new positive desired outcomes while continuing to run the same old disempowering patterns. Together we work to flatline old patterns, energetically correct the body and mind and create new empowering behaviours. 

EFT Tapping

EFT Energy Tapping. Tapping on the Meridian energy points of the body (EFT) is one of the most advanced forms of Energy Psychology bringing incredible relief to people around the world. EFT is based on the understanding that all negative emotions stem from a disruption in the body's energy system, which in turn leads to unhealthy behavior’s, illness and pain.


Executive Coaching

Welcome to the team of highly trained leadership coaches from highly recognised schools like Positive Success Group, working as Executive Life and Business Coaches helping individuals improve key areas off their life and achieve goals. Together we explore how to re connect you with your internal compass your values and beliefs. Knowing what we value is vital to our well being.

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Corporate Wellness Benefits

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness

Reduces Stress

Reduces Stress

Increases Productivity

Increases Productivity

Improves Morale

Improves Morale

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