Our team of professionals deliver empowerment programs around wellbeing and positive behavioural change for employees. We deliver high quality, personal development, work place behaviours and mental health wellness programs for employees.


Our monthly retainer packages are designed to suit both boutique companies and multi-national corporations. One-off programs can be facilitated, however you will find it is a consistent approach to well-being which will yield sustainable change


Sales Training

  • Apply subliminal techniques to instantly establish rapport with clients, to close sales and achieve sales goals.
  • Stimulate the client’s decision making process by understanding how to read verbal and non-verbal conversation patterns.
  • Recognise behaviour cues for resistance.
  • Become aware of body language and intonation in self and others, use embedded questions and influence clients through pacing and leading.
  • Become aware of your own emotional state and anchor your in positive focus to hold this state and influence others 

Learn powerful sales tools through NLP: 

  • Negotiation Skills - Non-Verbal Communication
  • Pacing & Leading in Sales - Effective Sales Communications
  • Public Speaking - Charismatic Self Expression
  • Positive Team Collaboration
  • Exceptional Presentation Skills - Mental Resilience

Knightsbrook, Trim, Co. Meath

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