Meet Olivia

Meet Olivia

As International Sales Director within a global hospitality organization Olivia travelled the world for many years to service global key accounts. During her extensive travel she discovered the secret in building sustainable relationships is based on various uniquely different factors, depending on each individual. She learned how to connect with people, deeply listening to them and most importantly, she learned how to create emotional connections and ensure lasting relationships.   

How we can help you?

Wellness by Olivia specialises in behavioural development and ensuring people understand their behavioural drivers. We deliver bespoke Corporate Wellness programmes, Emotional well - being programs, retreats and one-one coaching. These tailor-designed workshops are developed to introduce and implement long-lasting, positive changes within individuals. Olivia is an accredited Executive Life & Business Coach with over 15 years of coaching experience. Olivia is certified in many highly effective modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming and a unique highly advanced behavioural practice called QTT- Quantum Thinking Techniques, QTT is based around the science and physics of emotions. 

A few words from Olivia.

I will be honoured to work with you on your goals. If they are of a personal nature, you will learn how to release stress, improve happiness and motivation, heal old wounds, let go of the past, and so much more. If your goals are business oriented, you will experience increased work performance, improved satisfaction leading to higher productivity and engagement, decreased sick leave, increased engagement survey results, and so much more.

Over many years I discovered that emotional needs and behavioural patterns are delicate and complex, hence they require highly skilled techniques. Each individual scenario calls for a unique and specific approach. EFT works beautifully to soften, release and validate emotions. NLP supports the change in behavioural patterns. QTT works on many areas of behaviour and releases stress and trauma from the mind and body. Coaching works on areas of personal development. I believe the need for emotional and behavioural programs within the place of work is huge not only will this create positive change but it allows for tremendous success.

I am here for you and together we can make a world of difference. 



Knightsbrook, Trim, Co. Meath

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