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A World Of Magical Experiences...Join one of our exciting well-being retreats today.


So you can learn, share & use these incredible mind-break through tools for your personal life.  OR why not come so you  "Pay It Forward " & share these learnings with your loves ones, your friends, family and children.

 Right now in the world we live in EVERYONE needs to understand non-verbal communication so we can avoid conflicts and stay out of judgement. So we can attach less to the behavior of others

 People need to understand key information around how to emotionally regulate (because at present our emotional needs are not met) We need to be able to teach this to our youth and young children right now to keep them out of fear anxiety & sadness.

 People need to understand how to remain fully grounded staying out of fear and knowinghow to feel safe, secure and self aligned. Resilliance is POWER

 These tools are also hugely important within your career. Did you know most conflict arises from the energy we feel? Why? ....70% of our communication is non-verbal, therefore we pick up on the unsaid - the energy felt. During these special retreats we teach phoenomenal information about  body language, healthy boundaries, excellent communication to a void conflict and create harmony & empowerment within personal relationships and in leadership teams. Why because the energy we share is EVERYTHING!


See below a snapshot of the day. For our full outline please click into packages in yellow below and you can choose from one of the 2 retreats currently running:


Meditation - Life Coaching Practices - Energy Work - EFT Tapping - Tai Chi - Stress Art & Drawing  - Breath Work - & Powerful learning around "what" drives the behaviours of ourselves and others NLP & Quantum Psychology  - Goal Mapping Vision Boards - Journaling Practices - Affirmations - Nutritional Benefits of Juicing

Modalities: Mind Expert Practices of NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming (behavioral science tools, learning what drives behavior in ourselves and others) - EFT Tapping - Emotional Freedom (the brain responds well to specific words wqhich re-align our amygdala brain, the part responsible for our fight & fight responses) – Body Language – Behavioural & Communication Techniques



DAY ONLY PACKAGE: Knightsbrook House, Trim. Co. Meath (venues vary - retreats are held in Olivia's private home ~  ideal for small, intimate groups - social distance needs catered for - other locations are within some of our magnificient local Georgian Home Venues

(Bellinter House, Trim House)




The Empower & Grow Retreat - Trim, Co. Meath, see details by clicking the sentence below  

Just Here - Empower & Grow Retreat - Trim, Co. Meath

Relationships Retreat Every Sunday: Knightsbrook House 9am - 6pm - See details by clicking "Relationship Retreat" sentence:

Just HereRelationships Retreat

Our Stacation Retreat Packages are from the magnificent setting of Portmarnock Hotel, on Strand Beach, Portmarnock. Co. Dublin - Held on the last Sunday of each month.

Click here now to book 

→  Just here - Portmarnock Retreat 

Enjoy a serene overnight stay in some of the finest hotels in Ireland:

Relax & Unwind - Relish in Spa treatments - Beach Walks - Delicious Afternoon Tea.



Feel Relaxed & Rejuvenated – Empowered – Positive – Happy - Internal Freedom - Hold a toolkit of stress relief techniques and problem soloving tools - communiate better - love more - understand people without judgement - feel healed - let go of old unreleased energy 


HOW MANY CAN ATTEND: Min 7- Max 50 (retreats are held in compliance with HSE & goverment guidelines - as mental health & well -being is an essential service


The Couples Retreat Runs Every Sunday & The Empower & Grow Runs Every Saturday  - All packages are focused around fun, and learning healthy practices for relevant life areas which sometimes cause us problems -  effective communication, healthy boundaries, relaxation, stress reduction techniques, "state" change tools, goal achievement strategies, understanding the power of energy and how we all share the same quantum energy field thus feeling into one another’s stuff from time to time - learn how to effectively manage this and protect this. discover mind blowing, problem solving. They are focused around the area's in life which cause the most frustrations.


Online Zoom Retreat Offering - Click  Zoom Online Retreats During Level 5 

Contact: hello@wellnessbyolivia.com 

Ph: 00353876162797


September 2019 Wellness Retreat Glendalough


Knightsbrook, Trim, Co. Meath

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