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Wellness Retreat - Swynnerton Lodge, Navan, Meath  Dec 11th

Wellness Retreat - Swynnerton Lodge, Navan, Meath Dec 11th

Relax & heal whilst learning phenomenal stress buster, well-being techniques from the school of Coachingg Practices, Meditation, EFT Tapping & NLP Behavioural Sceince, Empower family, friends & colleagues with powerful practices & communication tools



Red River Retreat Meditation Pose


LOCATION: Swynnerton Lodge Navan (Red River Yoga Centre)

  Time**9.30am - 5.00pm** 

 ITINERARY: 9.30am: Introduction & Greeting

 Meet Olivia your Practitioner & Wellness Specialist for the Day

Meet Olivia your Practitioner & Wellness Specialist for the Day - Olivia has trained in a series of phenomenal modalities which are used to empower and regulate our nervous system's: Areas such as; Empowerment Coaching, EFT Tapping Therapy, NLP - Behavioural Science, Meditation, Inner Child Healing, Ho'oponopono (Hawaiian Spirituality Practice) Quantum Psychology, Mindfulness & QTT -Quantum Thinking Technologies (mind expert techniques)

She has successfully delivered workshops, 1-1 sessions, retreats and healing to many, many people supporting huge positive change and inner growth (see feedback & testimonials)

 eyes closed at swynnerton


9.30am - 10.00am

 Higher-Self Meditation Practice

Meditation Pose


Meet that inner part of you which holds all the answers. Still & release the Monkey Mind, connect with our soul based future self, the aspect of us which knows what is coming next

  Red River yoga the back of the house


10.00am -11.00am Outdoor Mindfulness Wellbeing Session

 Awareness Session

 Awareness Session: Discover powerful NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training techniques which teach you how to remain detached from the behaviours of others - this powerful tool gifts your inner freedom. It allows you to understand others better & raises the vibration of the universe.

Group Pic indoors Vision Boards Swynnerton

NLP & understanding the power of manipulative language or non-verbal language is a tool we need now more than ever.

Learn the power of Verbal & Non-Verbal communication, discover how to speak energy 

Understand exactly "what drives human behaviour & WHY" Release resentment & unforgiviness, stagnant energy holding you back unconsciously

  11.00am – 11.20am

Break: ~ Juicing & nutrition for the mind - Celery Juicing/Carrot Juicing)

    11.45am - 1.00pm

Quantum Healing - The Energy Body & Tai Chi

Girls doing tai chi

(what we feel is triggered from our body, our parasympathetic nervous system - hence we also focus on the energy body - hear the amazing stories of how the ladies could experience feeling their own energy field once we had settled the monkey mind and the ego)

Powerful Empowerment Life Coaching - techniques which teach you how to let go of limiting beliefs which are holding you back

Problem Solving Tools for this day to day world - Learn how to use the internal system which drives us, your navigation code (which is your personal set of values and core beliefs)

Learn how to align with our own personal values (resolve any inner conflict)

Finally, understand how to shift from limiting to empowering beliefs ...the fast way, via energy!

Discover powerful conflict resolution tools for all relationships... our relationships drive our LIFE! Understand the power of gratitude practices. Understand how neuro coupling happens in the brain during gratitude, & creates a positive shift in the neurotransmitters of our brain

1.00pm - 1.45pm - Lunch

1.45pm - 2.00pm: JOIN Olivia as we continue in the exciting Coaching /NLP- Behavioural Science - Session cont'd

                                                                           Dowsing Pose

                                                                               2.00pm - 4.00pm: 

Ho'oponopono - A Hawaiian Spirituality Energy Healing Practice 

A Hawaiian Spirituality Process of Self Love, Healing & Forgiveness, a profound energy practice that shifts your energy from lower to higher vibrational frequencies enabling you to hold a new energy program within your body and vibrate new frequencies. When you emulate this new energy you can become a magnet which attracts all the things you desire and deserve into your PHYSICAL WORLD.

How? because everything is made up of atoms in this universe including the physical body. When you correct and align the atoms (i.e the energy you are transmitting, only then can you attract in your needs)

3.15pm - 5.00pm -VISION BOARD - DESIGN THIS NEW LIFE (70% OF PEOPLE ARE VISUAL, WE MUST SEE OUR GOAL) Setting Goals is dream made real!

vision board 2

Let's have some fun and design the life you want. If you don't hold the vision the universe cannot help you manifest and create.  Goal Mapping Vision Boards are fun: (please bring materials to place onto your vision boards i.e images, pictures, quotes - your vision board is included in cost)

Laughing journalling beside the tree

Why vision boards and gratitude practices work? We process information via our 5 senses from an unconscious level, this means what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell...some people are more visual and some more kinaesthetic. The subconscious mind SEEKS out that what it see's repetitively. They say we must see and hear something at least 7 times. This is how vision boards impress the psyche (constant repetition makes the subconscious mind seek things out at an unconscious level) .......there not all that woo woo STUFF after all!

 5.00pm - 5.30pm EFT Energy Tapping Work

EFT Tapping in the Swynnerton Lodge Olivia Pose

The WOW tool - EFT Tapping & Self Talk - learn powerful, easy, fast & effective clearing statements for the Amygdala part of the brain, that part of our brain responsible for our fight and flight responses, our overwhelm... stress... panic ....our body creates feelings based on how we speak to it, release that inner critic.

Understand meridian energy points & how to release blocked energy from specific bodily organ's & protect yourself from illness and keep you emotionally aligned. Discover how to teach this to your children and family.

- EFT is a science based tool for stress, anxiety & cortisol. (EFT Booklet included - as documented in the movie heal)


Cleansing the room at Swynnerton Lodge pose

BENEFITS OF THIS RETREAT: Stress reduction & relaxation, a feeling of inner alignment and empowerment – the focus is on how to manage stress, coming away with a toolkit of techniques which contribute to a new way of effectively managing stress, ways to feel safe & grounded within. You can also share these key learnings with family and friends. 

We have specific retreat outlines. If you are a private company, we can help you tailor build your retreat for your group based on specific needs.

Energy healing in the hands pose swynnerton

WHAT YOU RECEIVE TO TAKE AWAY:  The Full Retreat Day Learnings. Your take away EFT Tapping Scripts useful for any of life’s scenarios and a tapping "accountability journal booklet". EFT Tapping Point Charts. Wellness by Olivia will provide your Vision Board and some materials, however your vision board is a very personal exercise and so we ask that you bring along what you wish to put onto your board i.e.  imagery, magazine cut outs and any other details you might like to add onto your vision board so as to make it as personable as possible for your own liking.  ~  Recorded Meditation 

See Olivia's personal journey via socials. Discover how she healed trauma & illness in her body via the practices of understanding how your energy programs are stuck within your body and spirit thus limiting you at a unconscious level and radiating back what you have still to heal.

Coffee cup in hand beside sitting on the step beside the river synnerton

"We are more than just "our minds & bodies" - we came here to FEEL....during these incredible retreats you get to discover the fascinating aspects of your spirit and to experience feeling energy, we release any old stagnant energy which you are still holding onto, energy which is attached to your limiting beliefs, past memories and emotions.

Understand how this still holds you back at a unconscious level, & learn how to release this, so you can step into your inner power... your freedom"

Liv x









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