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Corporate Behavioural Specialist - Teams - Half  Day

Corporate Behavioural Specialist - Teams - Half Day

These empowerment days are bespokely tailored to suit the key areas of growth you wish to achieve. Highly resourceful behavioural techniques for corporate groups - Half day and full day options available. Pricing Starting From


What happens during these events?

Wellness by Olivia offers a suite of services for the corporate sector and has partnered with many companies to support the delivery of high quality, personal development, work place behaviours and mental health wellness programs for their employees.

Olivia has trained in advanced techniques supporting behavioural change. During these one day or half day sessions powerful techniques are shared which build excellent rapport connecting you with clients and colleagues on a deep level. You and your teams receive a toolkit of techniques to ensure resounding inner change. We blend your day with both interactive learning and activities depending on your group profile - Popular suggestions such as goal setting vision board exercises (online format available), meditation, EFT tapping or mindfulness exercise (following your consultation agreement) work well.

Your event day can take place via zoom call, online or on site. This is a fun, collaborative energizer experience which builds deeper rapport between teams.

Why would I choose an event like this?

We achieve this rapport based on the new inner awareness around what drives our behaviour. Following events, we find greater connections between teams, less resilience, greater productivity less stress and better communication. 

Bespoke Wellness Energizer Programmes: [choose your top 5 or regroup them]

  • The power of understanding non-verbal communication
  • Feelings of stress or overwhelm at work
  • Preventing burnout and absenteeism
  • Changing behaviour to transform performance in the workplace
  • Conflict at work
  • Resisting change
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Team bonding sessions ~ Positive energy activities
  • Self-awareness in the workplace & personal development mentoring
  • Procrastination verses motivation
  • Emotional intelligence ~ Happiness & gratitude at work
  • Work life balance which creates higher results
  • Values & Beliefs: The compass which navigates us
  • Goal setting & achieving measurable results


  • Corporate Module 2 Duration: 02:13 With Olivia O'Connor

Session Times - Days Available

sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday


Olivia O'Connor

Olivia O'Connor

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Executive Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping)

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