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Mental & Emotional Employee Wellbeing

Mental & Emotional Employee Wellbeing

Emotions effect us in our place of work. Consistent well-being is proven to create great results. Join our bespoke retainer programs: Empowerment Coaching, Behavioral Excellence Techniques, Mindful Wellbeing Techniques & Sales Coaching


The Empowerment Program

Olivia is a long-standing behavioral excellence, well-being & sales coaching professional. Following her years of training in key wellness & empowerment modalities she now combines years’ of experience, sales success and training excellence to create..."The Empowerment Program Platform”

This program was specifically developed for corporations to significantly improve the wellbeing and overall mind & body wellness of employees. Additionally, Olivia shares her many secrets to high performance sales excellence (from almost 20 years success) Olivia enjoyed many years success as a global sales director for prestigious corporate names. Here, within the Empowerment Program she shares these high performance sales expertiese, wellness modlaities, and behavioral excellence trainings. She shares the many key secrets to non- verbal communication and body language empowering you to create exceptional relationships in business and close deals at the right time. 

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These phenomenal trade secrets allow you to read people before taking that vital next move!

Do you need to obtain:

  • Exceptional interpersonal comunnication skills which make people WANT to work with you - strong trusting leadership abilities - stress management skills & the ability to handle conflicts with ease
  • High postivity & job satisfaction in team dynamics, achieve revenue targets whilst watching teams display great job performance
  • Higher emotional intelligence which leads to improved health, empowerment, and overall happiness 

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What happens during these sessions?

During these sessions we focus around HOW to regulate our emotional wellbeing to optimize revenue success. We combine emotional wellbeing with personal development training which suceeds inner growth beyond what you thought capable. We alternate awareness sessions between:  thoughts -  feelings - behaviour in the workplace. We blend science based techniques specific to your teams needs (designed accordingly)

How it works - Monthly Retainer:  Choose 2 relevant group learning topics weekly - following this we apply the practices off empowerment coaching / behavioral science trainings whilst also ensuring a focus on mindful relaxation modalities. This process is designed to  ensure people feel stress free ensuring their energy is available for the relevant tasks such as client relationships, sales, marketing and creativity. We share learnings around "what drives behavior" delivering break through behavioral science based techniques & empowerment coaching practices. We add emphasis onto modalities for the management of stress, overwhelm or anxiety. We choose this approcah because awareness is power and also because when focus is placed on wellbeing and understanding the NEED for stress modality practices at work we get to discover HOW to be at our best for the management off: problems, stress, leadership and the much needed ability for accurately multi-tasking. 

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Some Key Areas to Explore For Your Teams Could Be:  Reframe your cababilities and shift from  Limiting to Empowering Beliefs, Gain Powerful Resilience, Move with Change & Shifts -  Deliver Positive Energy Dynamics within Your Team – Understand How to Gain Work Life Balance, Effective Communication & Language Patterns For Managers / Leadership – Remember “it’s how we say it” Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Boundaries, Confidence, Public Speaking, Sales Body Language Patterns, Understanding What Triggers Behavior in Both Ourselves & Others, Understand the Power of Non -Attaching to the Behavior of Others in Team Dynamics - Understanding Quantum Physics and HOW the Energy of Those Around Us.. Impacts Us,

In these sessions we train people collectively on understanding how to manage and combat resistance through these incredible behavioral science techniques. EMPOWER your team to achieving high end revenue, creativity & most important a feeling of inner success through owning their feeling of happiness in their place of work


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We apply some dedicated time weekly to so many areas specific to behaviors, empowerment, relaxation and wellbeing mindful practice such as: Meditation, Breath Work, Journalling Practices, Coaching, Tai Chi, or EFT Tapping. We teach people practcies they can use at their desk, on their way to work, during their break times ... so they instantly can access powerful inner state changes.  

SAMPLE ITINERARY: Following our weekly discovery call and worksheet updates we gain insight into the weekly or bi weekly needs of you & your team. We operate weekly calls, webinars, in person 1-1's & group classes. Your retainer packages can include all your needs, whilst ensuring all areas of behaviors empowerment and mental and emotional wellness is covered. We align empowerment - energy management & behavioural science needs for success.

What you get - monthly focus can outline:

  • 1 hr devoted to Personal Development Coaching Topic's 
  • 1 hr to devoted Behavioral Change & Awareness Topic
  • 1 hr devoted to Mindful Practices
    • thus enabling us to manage feelings of: stress, anxiety, overwhelm & burnout, debilitating factors in business:  Discover modalities such as: EFT Tapping, Mindfulness, Tai Chi, Energy Healing, Journaling, Affirmation Self Talk Process for sucess, inner critic & self sabotage elimination or Meditation sessions 
  • 1 hr Sales Coaching: Body Language, Non-Verbal Communication, Key Language & Communication Patterns for Closing Sales and Creating Exceptional Customer Connections Fast!

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Benefits of modalities such as Meditation, Moving Meditation Tai Chi, & EFT Tapping

When in a state of stress, negativity or overwhelm we produce excessive levels of cortisol which can cause problems in the body halting our ability to succeed. Studies conducted by Dawson Church and his colleagues in 2012, showed how a 1-hour session of EFT Tapping reduced cortisol levels in patients by 24.9% A further study found that cortisol levels dropped 43% in one hour during a "group" session of EFT treatment. 


  • Corporate Module 3 Duration: 02:13 With Olivia O'Connor

Session Times - Days Available

sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday


Olivia O'Connor

Olivia O'Connor

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Executive Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping)

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