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This is a selection of our standard packages, we tailor design our packages to suit your budget & requirements..

Corporate Executive Life & Business Coaching Pack

Corporate Executive Life & Business Coaching Pack

The Coaching Pack Offers 4, 2 Hour Coaching Sessions (You can mix these sessions up to cover relevant topics as you wish) Personal & professional development techniques. Following our consultation, we tailor this to suit your needs. Pricing From


The Coaching Pack Offers 4, 2 Hour Coaching Sessions 

Olivia is a highly experienced Executive Life and Business coach helping individuals and small groups improve key areas off their life and achieve goals. Olivia worked as a global sales director for prestigious recognised organisations and is highly experienced in delivering strategies to assist individuals and teams with future ambitions- This cost refects our live call time, preparation time for the event which is quite time consuming and pre consulting consultation time.

Areas we can help you work on:

  • Personal & professional development
  • Sales coaching
  • Improving confidence, increasing self- esteem and self-worth
  • Overcoming feelings of fear, procrastination, overwhelm, stress and anxiety & transforming behavioural patterns
  • The power of understanding non-verbal communication
  • Feelings of stress or overwhelm at work
  • Preventing burnout and absenteeism
  • Changing behaviour to transform performance in the workplace
  • Conflict at work
  • Resisting change
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Team bonding sessions ~ Positive energy activities
  • Self-awareness in the workplace & personal development mentoring
  • Procrastination V's Motivation
  • Emotional intelligence ~ Happiness & gratitude at work
  • Work life balance which creates higher results
  • Values & Beliefs: The compass which navigates us
  • Goal setting & achieving measurable results


  • Corporate Module 1 Duration: With Olivia O'Connor

Session Times - Days Available

sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday


Olivia O'Connor

Olivia O'Connor

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Executive Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping)

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