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Master Class Full Alignment Program - Empowerment & Manifestation

Master Class Full Alignment Program - Empowerment & Manifestation

60 Days Personal Coaching - It's a MUST - 12, video sessions from phenomenal practices off: NLP, Life Coaching, Quantum Energy Psychology (energy alignment) inc Power change Workbooks & EFT tapping scripts, meridian energy tapping charts, meditations


Have you wondered why your life is not working out as you had planned?  

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Join Olivia for the Quantum Alignment Process Experience

We must align ourselves at what is called a Quantum Level in order to maintain success in desired areas of our life. If we work at a conscious mind level only then yes, we are making sense off and processing our information, however if we do not process work at the energy level what happens is we tend to revert back to old default emotional patterns and remain stuck or looping. The energy in quantum physics is the "energy i.e the feeling" attached to the emotion or limiting belief held at a deep rooted level. This program takes control of these matters and that need to fully eradicate why we are looping.  It works on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and the Energetic level. The energy attached to the emotion at a subconscious level. 

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The full alignment empowerment program teaches invaluable techniques around how to create incredible change and powerful results in our lives. In this program we use the combined skills of Executive Coaching, NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming (Behavioral Science), EFT Tapping- Emotional Freedom Technique plus QTT – Quantum Psychology & Energy practices. We align on an emotional - physical - mental - spiritual & energetic level. When we are aligned at all levels, we then omit the required positive energy program from our body and mind in whats called alignment, this means there are no inner conflicts between the conscious or subconscious mind. The feeling of "only getting so" far piece. This alignment allows us to attract back the same positive energy which we now operate from. This is the magic of quantum physics my friends!

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We cannot create, align with or "manifest" as the guru's say the life we are desiring and needing until we align our energy internally. We must be that atomic vibrational match to that which we desire on the outside. In quantum physics everything, including the physical body is made of atoms and this is where the complete process work from in terms of creation . 

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This exciting course contains all the "must have" break through behavioral science techniques and empowerment coaching sessions from the world of NLP plus neurassociative coaching and conditioning. 

Whats included in the price:

12 incredible in person video training sessions: The sessions contain the secrets YOU NEED. We are teaching you HOW to align your energy. These secrets are supporting all key important areas of life such as: relationships - career - finance - communication - self healing - and so much more..... 

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Learn modalities for overcoming limiting beliefs which have held you back, discover stress management tools, how to implement healthy boundaries, learn effective communication skills, body language, understand how to problem solve and so much more. With each video we include a really cool workbook designed to trigger your mind and have you delve deeper by its powerful questioning process. We include exciting worksheets and journaling documents showing you how to instantly develop new mental & emotional state changes and eradicate limiting beliefs. 

This carefully designed outline leads to powerful shifts in your life.

What’s included:

  • 10 Personal Development Sessions covering powerful behavioral techniques from the amazing practices of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming, Empowerment Coaching Sessions, and the phenomenal work of QTT - Quantum Psychology. Discover the fundamentals to mastering and understanding energy. Everything is made up of energy including the physical body and if we want to draw into our life that what we need, want and desire we MUST firstly understand HOW ENERGY works. This work enables you to release energies which no longer serve you and align with new energy suiting your personal values and needs, it also teaches you how to protect your energy. 
  • Your Personal Development Workbook contains fascinating learning exercises which really shift your perspective and alter your thinking patterns. The specific and very tailored questioning style prompts the subconscious mind towards new empowering beliefs
  • Free access to our super, fun Facebook membership club… where Olivia personally goes live twice monthly… join coaching sessions with Olivia, these are fun sessions with amazing energy - (2 free personalized sessions monthly) make new friends online and be part of this really cool and supportive community. Receive constant empowerment and super life supports!
  • Learn how to use the amazing science-based modality of EFT Tapping (highly effective for for emotional regulation and positive self talk) -This incredible modality has huge science behind it and really changes lives - receive 28 personalized Emotional Freedom Tapping scripts (which you have forever more). These scripts will be your self care plan and cover many important life areas: Areas such as: self-belief, self-love, validation, releasing patterns of self-sabotage, fear / anxiety / stress relief / managing overwhelm / anger / overeating and other default emotional patterns which we lean back towards when "life happens".


One of the fascinating and beautiful things about EFT is you can also teach this incredible tool to your children, friends, and family… empower lives of others too. 

EFT outline includes:

  • Receive your very own Personal meridian energy EFT tapping chart ~ teach yourself which meridian points to tap on for maximum results. Understand which bodily organs relate to each specific meridian point, discover what emotions tend to get trapped where and why – learn how releasing this energy can do so much powerful thing for your body in terms of healing.  
  • Tapping journal ~ your very own journal outlining coaching questions around key topics for growth and internal success

The Full Alignment Empowerment Program: 

Aligning you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually so you can emulate out the energy of that what you are trying to create into your life. Be it abundance, health, success, financial freedom, emotional or mental wellbeing or relationship success. Become the frequency towards that what you wish to attract need and desire in your life. 

I am incredibly excited to share this with you. Please email direct to review more specific program content!

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Olivia O'Connor

Olivia O'Connor

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Executive Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping)

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