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Therapies & Practitioner Appointments

Therapies & Practitioner Appointments

1st Session: 2 hrs. 2 Session's per specific area - Modalities used: EFT, NLP, Coaching & QTT. SUPPORTING: Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Worry, Fear, Relationships, Bad Habits, Negativity, Self-Love, Communicate Effectively, Confidence & Self Esteem.


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How our work can help you?

What areas can we help you with?

  • Stress, Anxiety, Social Anxiety Disorder, Depression or Overwhelm - Feeling Sadness or Low Mood - Past Trauma ~ Patterns of Self-Sabotage, Obsessional Thinking, Disassociation or Fear
  • Phobia's & Bad Habits - Building Confidence, Self Esteem and Worth - Personal Change
  • Relationship Difficulty
  • Communication
  • Removing Limiting Beliefs - Obtaining Happiness - Managing Conflict and Difficult Relationships
  • Personal Development ~ Problem Solving Techniques - Procrastination & Overwhelm
  • Goal Achievement: finding a sense of direction, enhanced focus and effectiveness, increasing motivation, increasing resilience, changing limiting beliefs, improving quality of life, self-alignment for fulfilling relationships, obtaining happiness, achieving a richer more meaningful life. 

 Meet Olivia your practitioner..       


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Quantum Psychology is about releasing the feeling/energy attached to memories, core beliefs and behavioral patterns which are not serving us. If you can understand the principals of quantum psychology what causes a person to loop or continue repeating old behavioral patterns is due to the fact they have retained the energy in there parasympathetic nervous system. The energy or feeling keeps being triggered. It is not enough to resolve something from the conscious mind alone, we must also release the "feelings" which have been held by the body in order to attain full healing. We use very carefully aligned practices which ensure to work on the individual from what is called full alignment. The conscious mind which need to make sense of the situation, the subconscious mind (the inner child) and the feelings based body. This full alignment process makes sense from a quantum physics perspective, that we must release the energy attached to past experiences in order to stop becoming triggered into repeating old unhelpful patterns.  

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How the brain operates is complex, our EGO sets up patterns in a bid to protect us. However the EGO does not discern if these patterns are right or wrong, it simply kicks in at an unconscious level, causing us to self-sabotage if triggered during day to day life events. EFT Tapping will validate any old standing wounds which are resistant to shifting, NLP will flatline and discombobulate patterns not serving us. Empowerment coaching practices will empower the individual with new beliefs and practices that support their growth like understanding boundaries and aligning to their personal set of values. The use of a mixed practice process is very deliberate in achieving full alignment for individuals. 


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We use QTT ~ Quantum Psychology to locate & release "the feeling" we have held within the parasympathetic nervous system. This feeling is responsible for causing these limiting beliefs and behaviors at a quantum level, when we release the energy there is no longer any charge attached to these past memories or wounds. The patterns we once used to protect ourselves are no longer required at an unconscious level. This is a very gentle process. 

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We will also use practices which validate the inner child within us, thus nourishing any unhealed aspect of us back to wholeness, this is done through careful exercises which work on the frontal part of our brain, the part been injured due to trauma. We additionally work on the amygdala brain which is responsible for our nervous system. We treach people breath work, how to connect with their bodies and to feel safe. We teach people how to use the practices for themselves to feel empowered. 

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When this quantum healing has been instilled individuals go forward with a new energy frequency, this enables them to move towards their life’s desire. Once the energy is no longer alive in the body, the body is no longer emulating in and attracting circumstances or "looping patterns" which are causing the individual to suffer.    

corporate coachingOur practitioners will use a deliberate mix of highly effective practices to recondition the mind & parasympathetic nervous system, this is also known as neuro associative conditioning. We use gentle yet powerful practices. 

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Some of these practices advanced practices include; behavioral science, (NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming) EFT Tapping Therapy - (works on the meridian energy paths of the body where emotional pain is locked in the body), Empowerment Coaching (working on beliefs values boundaries and much more), QTT - Quantum Psychology (quantum energy releasing) & carefully blended Energy Healing & Spirituality Practices, working on the soul and spirit - people think of the spirit as a woo woo area, this is perhaps one of the most important areas of our being it’s the "alive" persona to our being. The practices are mixed for a reason and this is to to work at a quantum level of mind, body spirit thus creating the individual to receive full alignment.  These techniques help flat line behavioral patterns, unblock emotions which are trapped in the body and requiring healing. We shift from limiting to empowering core beliefs which is then where you being to operate from.

EFT TAPPING & TAT Trauma Therapy

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Which practice do I need to help me?

Prior to your appointment we have a discovery call consultation and determine what techniques might best suit your needs in terms of these highly effective modalities. We may use a combination approach. These techniques support powerful inner changes for individuals. 

**Please note appointments are available online and in person at the Alignment clinic. We are open for business during level 5 guidelines as we are providing an essential service. We are operating under the HSE guidelines, adhering and following government regulations, and all governing body guidelines.

Appointments are 2 hours. We recommend 2 sessions.


EFT Tapping is a phenomenal technique used by many practitioners and is highly effective as a tool for validating, healing and releasing trapped emotions in the body. Emotions which cause stress and can lead to disease. It has been used successfully by war veterans for PTSD and this alone indicates the power of this treatment. EFT helps with areas such as stress, anxiety, fear, overwhelm, confidence building, increasing self-love and self-esteem, losing weight, pain management and so much more. EFT is very gentle. It works on the energy meridians within the body, helping to bring them back into balance. It is similar to the modalities of acupressure and acupuncture. During tapping we are working to change the emotional feelings that are disrupted. Using a highly skilled talk therapy eft practitioner we will support you in breaking down the emotion and giving the emotion what it needs to heal. 

Quantum Psychology & Thinking Technologies is an advanced technique which releases the energy attached to the emotions in the body. QTT works on the premise that it is practically impossible to achieve new, positive desired outcomes in life while continuing to run the same old disempowering subconscious patterns, or holding onto the energy feeling from the past, which got us to where we are in the first place. It is a gentle, practical, fun and powerful talk modality to our subconscious. Before we coach the client, we work to remove any old deep underserving patterns

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming: Neuro Linguistic Programming provides a range of break through mind techniques which work to change our behaviors. During NLP we change our emotional states from negative to positive by removing deep patterns held in the subconscious mind. NLP is also all about the language we use both verbally and non-verbally. This modality is well renowned by people such as Paul Mc Kenna & Tony Robbins and is very powerful 

Executive Coaching helps you stay focused; it’s about taking you from where you are to where you want to be, working on the conscious mind level. Our goals, values, beliefs and boundaries are the compass which drives our lives.

This combination of practices will empower your life. 

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Therapies & Practitioner Appointments

Practices: EFT Tapping - LIfe Coaching - NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - QTT - Quantum Thinking Technologies - Behavioural Change - Energy Healing & Inner Child Healing

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