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EFT Tapping  - 9th Oct - Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT Tapping - 9th Oct - Emotional Freedom Technique

Tapping on the Meridian energy points of the body (EFT) is one of the most advanced forms of Energy Psychology bringing incredible relief to people around the world. Guideline Pricing


EFT Tapping Final

Tapping helps release blocked emotional energy from the bodies energy system. Tapping is similar to the modality of accurpresse or accupucture and holds effective science based behind its capability.


EFT works like a detective fitting together the feeling in the body to the discomforting emotion, when the tapping process locates the unconscious emotion it can free its frequency from the nervous system. 

Most times people don't understand whats wrong, they may describe "a feeling" in their tummy, neck, shoulder etc but not fully understanding where this feeling is coming from. EFT helps us solve this puzzle. As we tap, we begin to unfold the missing piece.  When the emotion is let go, then the re-triggering process stops.

Tapping works on the Amydala part of the brain, a part of the brain responsible for our fight or flight resposnes. It sends calming, reprogramming signals through specific talk statements to organ meridians in the body

Tapping on specific meridian energy points, whilst also using these self talk statements validates the emotion. The reason we are stuck is we are fearfull, or denying thes emotion. We don't like it, we want it to go but the emotion wants to be heard. It won't go until it receives validating and so the internal battle and confict continues without us understanding it. When we give our emotions what they need. i.e clarity - peace - compassion - validation. The painfull frequency releases and passes through the nervous system.

Because we spend most of our time trying to supress or avoid feelings and we are not sure how to process them we make our feelings worse. This process of healing enables us to feel safely so we can release and resolves whats happening to us. 

Each meridian works through different organs.

 ⇒Side of the eye - gall bladder meridian⇒ examples of blocked energy can be kidney infections orurinary tract infections - Fear for example can cause a blocked kidney meridian

Tapping on kideney meridian 2

 The technique is powerful in healing:

  • Feelings of stress anxiety or overwhelm
  • Increasing confidence & self esteem
  • Gain confidence, self worth and self esteem
  • Pain management
  • Trauma
  • Releasing difficult emotions ~ resentment, anger, guilt, fear, jealousy and more 
  • create new beliefs and enery outcomes in areas of you life which have been previously blocked

Karate Chop Tapping Point Copy 2

⇒ side of the hand is the karaete chop area - the small intestine, controls the more basic emotions we feel

Tapping on the Meridian energy points of the body (EFT) is one of the most advanced forms of Energy Psychology bringing incredible relief to people around the world. EFT is based on the understanding that all negative emotions stem from a disruption in the body's energy system, which in turn leads to unhealthy behaviour’s, illness and pain. Our Meridian pathways are similar to roadways which get congested and blocked along the way, in order to function fully in a positive and healthy way we must remove these blocks. Together we help clients connect safely with the specific feeling as we use highly effective clearing statements across key meridian energy channels to move out limiting blocks or beliefs. We then work to input positive, empowering beliefs thus shifting the client forward to where they need to be.


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    EFT Tapping ~ Emotional Freedom Technique

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Individual Module 3 09:00 - 17:00

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