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EFT Tapping Therapy  - Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT Tapping Therapy - Emotional Freedom Technique

Tapping on the Meridian energy points of the body (EFT) is one of the most advanced forms of Energy Psychology bringing incredible relief to people around the world. Guideline Pricing


EFT Tapping Final



What is EFT Tapping?


Tapping is the name used for EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.


EFT is a practice that combines tapping onto specific acupuncture pressure points of the body with carefully chosen words and affirmations to clear an individual’s limiting beliefs and release trapped emotions at a deep cellular level.


Do you find yourself saying things such as…


  • There’s never any money

  • I’m always broke

  • It never happens for me..or I just can never get it to work

  • I am always sick

  • I can’t find love .. love never finds me

  • I am never happy

  • I can’t find the job I want or I don’t know what I want


How is tapping working


The pressure points which you tap onto are related to very specific organs in the body. Sometimes during the course of life, unknowingly we have trapped “feelings” of fear, stress, panic and more into our nervous system and this energy is holding us in a unknown continued repetitive cycles and preventing us moving to where we need to get to. 


We can get frustrated as logically or mentally we "get it" yet we keep finding ourselves in the same repeating difficulties or challenges. This is happening because these trapped emotions and the belief you are holding is triggered in your nervous system, and needs to be cleared.


Did you know


  • 20-minutes tapping has been shown to release the stress hormone cortisol up to 40%

  • We can use tapping for all areas of life: Pain, stress, confidence, fear & overwhelm

  • Tapping is so powerful and EFFECTIVE that it has been approved by the Veterans Association areas as complex as PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)


Why do I only get so far? What tapping will do for me..


When an emotion is triggerd in the body it kicks "the mind" into patterns of behavior which can actually be limiting for you (this all happens unconsciously in a mis-guided bid to protect and keep you safe – i.e the brain thinks it is doing “it's job” by protecting you from disappointment or potential hurt, fear etc the reality is it is holding you in a safe space of never actually moving forward and constantly repeating a discomforting, looping cycle).


In order to gain inner results, it is not sufficient to only focus on the mindset i.e only processing things mentally. Triggers are stored in the body and the nervous system, when we clear emotions and patterns from both body and mind we propel ourselves into the results we are seeking!


Tapping has led to incredible breakthroughs for coping with anxiety, depression, or addiction. It works on the Amygdala part of our brain which is responsible for our patterns, which we unknowingly revert into. These patterns cause us to get stuck, loop or inevitably feel as though we are only getting so far but then going back to where we started.


The powerful piece about tapping is it connects the suppressed block with the emotional stressors or subconscious beliefs that we have about ourselves, freeing it out of the body and the brain. EFT is so easy to use and so gently on the person’s nervous system!


By tapping on pressure points on your face and upper body while saying specific phrases that invite power and positive vibrations back into your body you are tangibly releasing any negative energy or emotions that may be blocking your process. 


What will EFT Tapping bring to my life


  • Learn and connected with your feelings and emotions so you can discover how to meet your needs

  • Discover how to create new beliefs around areas where you have previously felt bocked 

  • Understand how to bring calm and balance to yourself 

  • Change beliefs in our mind and body through tapping

  • Words have power so learn "what words, phrases and powerhouse affirmations to use in tapping

  • Discover common mistakes in Tapping

  • Releasing trapped emotions from our mind and our body (learn HOW to do this for ourselves so we can be self-empowered forever more)

  • Create new OUTCOMES ~ learn how do decode limiting beliefs and input a new inner programming

  • Power taps .. what are power tap which we can have for the most common areas of our lives


Tapping helps release blocked emotional energy from the bodies energy system. Tapping is similar to the modality of accurpresse or accupucture and holds effective science based behind its capability.


EFT works like a detective fitting together the feeling in the body to the discomforting emotion, when the tapping process locates the unconscious emotion it can free its frequency from the nervous system. 

Most times people don't understand whats wrong, they may describe "a feeling" in their tummy, neck, shoulder etc but not fully understanding where this feeling is coming from. EFT helps us solve this puzzle. As we tap, we begin to unfold the missing piece.  When the emotion is let go, then the re-triggering process stops.

Tapping works on the Amydala part of the brain, a part of the brain responsible for our fight or flight resposnes. It sends calming, reprogramming signals through specific talk statements to organ meridians in the body


Each meridian works through different organs.

 ⇒Side of the eye - gall bladder meridian⇒ examples of blocked energy can be kidney infections or urinary tract infections - Fear for example can cause a blocked kidney meridian

Tapping on kideney meridian 2

 The technique is powerful in healing:

  • Feelings of stress anxiety or overwhelm
  • Increasing confidence & self esteem
  • Gain confidence, self worth and self esteem
  • Pain management
  • Trauma
  • Releasing difficult emotions ~ resentment, anger, guilt, fear, jealousy and more 
  • create new beliefs and enery outcomes in areas of you life which have been previously blocked

Karate Chop Tapping Point Copy 2

⇒ the side of the hand is "the karaete chop area" -  is the meridian for the small intestine, controls the more basic emotions we feel - this for example is where alot of people hold emotions



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    EFT Tapping ~ Emotional Freedom Technique

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Individual Module 3 09:00 - 17:00

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