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Personal Relationship Coaching

Personal Relationship Coaching

Learn the secrets to healthy communication & how to create lasting connections in all relationships. Heal past hurt, create new fulfilling relationships. Learn to speak your partners love language - understand emotional needs. CONTACT FOR PRICING


Areas of Love:

  • Relationship Coaching   
  • Healing, Wound Clearing - Inner Child Work  
  • Heal the Mother-Daughter Wound   
  • Attract New Healthy Love 
  • Heal Relationships     
  • How to Effectively Communicate in Love

When working on the area of self -love and healing relationships it is important firstly to flatline old subconscious patterns and limiting beliefs which might be holding us back. This is called core wound clearing. Once these patterns have been released, we input forgiveness and healing methods, inputting new empowering beliefs that we would like to hold. We then radiate a new energy program which realigns us to new feelings and the desired changes which we wish to resonate with.  

This can be achieved through the effective healing practices off: EFT Tapping, NLP, Inner Child healing for self- acceptance, self- love and true forgiveness.

Romantic Relationships: Key areas:

  • Learn how to manifest the relationship you want which fits your NEEDS
  • Dating & how to make it work
  • Limiting to empowering beliefs in love
  • Self-worth - Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence: activate that frequency within. Remove limiting beliefs deeply embedded within the subconscious
  • Learn the 5 love languages, which do you or your partner operate from? 
  • Learn how to implement healthy relationship boundaries?
  • Effective communication that gets you heard without defence 
  • The golden rules - why people behave like they do
  • What are the key ingredients to making our relationships work - masculine & feminine energy - polarity - depolarisation 
  • Understanding how to resolve conflict easily 
  • Healing from unhealthy relationships - understanding why / how things happen as they do
  • Use healing programs that actually work, how to create new energy inside us which helps manifest your perfect relationship 
  • Self-love practices: affirmations that work, belief and energy change within
  • Understand non- verbal communication 
  • Learn how to install an internal frequency of self-acceptance which radiates and shines out to others

Healthy Love - Removing Control & Manipulation: 

    • Understanding unhealthy behaviours such as: gaslighting, ghosting, manipulation and control. How to be free of these patterns and not attract these behaviours. 
    • When we find ourselves caught up in a dating game our wound has taken over. The wound tells us we need to use tactics to get someone to like us, see us or love us. We are operating from a wounded place and will never get the love we need from here. We use inner child work to heal this. Your wound may tell you the only way to get love is to chase it. You are enough. We teach you to cultivate your power  and worth from within. You no longer feel you have to prove your value. 

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Practices: EFT Tapping - LIfe Coaching - NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - QTT - Quantum Thinking Technologies - Behavioural Change - Energy Healing & Inner Child Healing

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