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EFT Tapping -recode your beliefs from within to create powerful, positive energy frequency for health, wealth, abundance & well-being

EFT Tapping -recode your beliefs from within to create powerful, positive energy frequency for health, wealth, abundance & well-being

A powerful event about self belief, and taking back your power. We can visualise, do vision boards or affirmations etc all we wish however if we don't feel and believe that we deserve what we are seeking you ain't going anywhere. Here we recreate our pro




A powerful program containing ..

5, 90 minute EFT Energy Alchemy Sessions combined with a suite of complimentary addional add on's

EFT Tapping 1


Whats incredible extras are included in this powerfull gift..

  • Clear, step-by-step EFT feelings journal helping you get really clear around what area of your life you need to gain results in. This journal is designed to bring awareness to the root of THE STORY" you are telling yourself (beliefs and emotions) currently blocking your results
  • Access to 3, online complimentary 90 minute EFT Coaching wellness classes
  • Detailed, pre-written Tapping scripts covering key areas of life such as stress, weight loss, confidence self-love fear & self-belief  (these scripts help you flow& learn how to use tapping)
  • Video demonstrations on advanced EFT used by the world's top master-coaches
  • Confidence coaching audio EFT Session

 Tapping for stress

This re-coding EFT process is for you if you want to..

  • Create success for important areas of life ..for business, love, health..
  • Clear deep limiting beliefs about YOURSELF
  • Create a deep inner foundation of confidence, self-love and self-belief
  • Release patterns of stress, anxiety & overwhelm
  • Heal relationship and find self love
  • Clear blocks to success, abundance and money
  • Manifest love and positivity
  • Purify the body and clear energy



Hugging JOY


What is EFT Tapping?

Tapping is the name used for EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT is a practice that combines tapping onto specific acupuncture pressure points of the body with carefully chosen words and affirmations to clear an individual’s limiting beliefs from a deep cellular level and to release trapped emotions 

Do you find yourself saying things such as… I am allways broke, there is never any money, I am allways sick ...I cannot find love..

This self talk is all down to the "story we are telling ourselves" it is our core beliefs, how we have been conditioned. When you change this story internally and when you really feel like you believe what you are saying, you then change your outer reality!

 What is tapping imge


What we will do during this powerful process

 Learn and get comfortable with knowing What is Tapping or EFT

  • Discover why creating a vision or foundation for our lives is so important

  • How to create a regulated nervous system for ourselves and our children’s?

  • Changing beliefs in our mind and body through tapping

  • Words have power so learn what words to use in tapping

  • Discover common mistakes in Tapping

  • Releasing trapped emotions from our mind and our body (learn HOW to do this for ourselves so we can be self-empowered forever more)

  • Create new OUTCOMES ~ learn exactly how do decode beliefs and input a new inner programming

  • Power taps .. what are power tap which we can have for the most common areas of our lives

How is tapping working

The pressure points which you tap onto are related to very specific organs in the body. Sometimes during the course of life, unknowingly we have trapped “feelings” of fear, stress, panic and more in our nervous system and this energy is holding us, locked in repetitive cycles and preventing moving to where we need to get to. We have formed a looping story that we are telling ourselves.

We get frustrated we can understand this logically or cognitively yet we keep finding ourselves in the same repeating difficulties or challenges. This is happening because these trapped emotions and the beliefs you are holding is triggered in your nervous system, and now needs to be cleared.


Did you know

 20-minutes tapping has been shown to release the stress hormone cortisol by up to 40%

  • We can use tapping for all areas of life: Pain, stress, confidence, fear, overwhelm and so much more

  • Tapping holds science based evidence around it's effectiviness

  • Tapping is so powerful and EFFECTIVE that it has been approved by the War Veterans Association for the complex anxiety problem called PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) it is that good!

  • It is used to help us reprogram our feelings heal gain confidence self worth clear negative emotions manage pain, clear trauma and so much more

What will tapping will do for me..  

EFT Tapping 1


Tapping has led to incredible breakthroughs for coping with anxiety, depression, or addiction. It works on the Amygdala part of our brain which is responsible for the patterns which we unknowingly revert into. These patterns can cause us to get stuck, loop or inevitably feel as though we are only getting so far  until we then go back to where we started.

The powerful piece about tapping is it connects the suppressed block with the emotional stressors or subconscious beliefs we have about ourselves. In this process we are freeing it out of the body and the brain. EFT is so easy to use and so gently on the person.


How EFT gets such powerful results:

By tapping pressure points on your face and upper body we are connecting to points which relae to organs in the body whilst also saying specific phrases that invite power and positive vibrations back into your body. You are tangibly releasing any negative energy or emotions that may be blocking your process. We are then placing new positive auto suggestion into the cells.

EFT Tapping Final


Join Olivia while she guides you in this powerful process. Hear stories from other people who have achieved resounding success following just ONE session. Olivia is a skilled EFT Tapping expert, she hold vast experience in this technique and has gained powerful results in her own personal life and for that of all her clients.



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