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The Power of The Heart,  Creating Self Belief & Confidence | EFT Tapping | Mindset Coaching & Energy Alignment

The Power of The Heart, Creating Self Belief & Confidence | EFT Tapping | Mindset Coaching & Energy Alignment

A powerful event about self belief, and taking back your power. You can visualise, do vision boards or affirmations etc all you want, but if you don't believe you deserve what your seeking you aint going anywhere. Here we identify to be unblocked through




We can visualize, do classes, workshops, mantras, affirmations and vision boards BUT unless we believe we truly deserve "that something" then we won't be able to make it real


So that’s why this day is all about self-belief!!

 Grand Hotel Malahide - 1 DAY EVENT  BY THE SEA- 11am - 4pm

Create powerful self-belief through the elequent interplay of energy techniques and psychology


 During this powerful day we get to discover who we are, what we realy want and how to get it. We gain understanding around what’s blocking us. We rediscover what brings us joy so we can step towards this with unfounded self-belief and a new powerful foundation of self-confidence.

The Powerful Practices which  create outstanding change in this day includes:

  • EFT Tapping - Powerful Self Talk Scripts (which you get to take home) for Confidenc & Self Belief
  • Mindset Life Coaching Practices
  • Visualisation Practices through the 5 senses so you learn to feel into the energy of what your creating
  • Higher Self Meditations (which you get to take home)
  • Ho'oponopono (a hawaiian spirituality practice) Breath Work Releasing Energy Attached to Limiting Beliefs
  • Energy Work & Tai Chi, Journalling Practices, Mindful Talks & Earthing

Through integrating our physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual body combined we create "full alignment" and harmony. It is throug this combination approach of inner alignment we get to make dreams reality!

Tapping for stress


The reality is this, we can think all we want about what we want to create but true manifesting and creating results is about aligning to the energy frequency of what you want. It's about believing and feeling that belief on a deep level. If we don't fully believe it we ain't getting anywhere!


Powerful Visualisation 4 Joy



You will be introduced to EFT Tapping which works on the Amygdala part of the brain, the part responsible for your fight and flight systems. Without emotional regulation you cannot create anything. This technique holds science based evidence around it's effectiveness. It is easy to do and non-invasive.

Well known names such as Wayne Dwyer, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson and many more used this amazing practice. Through Tapping we are peeling away the layers of chronic stress and preventing dis-ease in the body.


Meditations Portmarnock


We can visualize, do classes, workshops, mantras, affirmations and vision boards BUT unless we believe we truly deserve "that something"then we won't be able to make it real

So that’s why the last section of this day is all about self-belief!!

 Hugging Pormtnock Joy


WHAT IS EFT TAPPING - Emotional Freedom Technique?

Did you know that EFT Tapping is so powerful it's been used to heal war veterans and soldiers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that’s how amazing this is! During this day, we are teaching you powerful specific self-talk, energy clearing tapping statements to release limitations, heal and relieve stress so you can build powerful confidence, self-worth and self-belief. Without those ingredients you cannot create what you want.


EFT Tapping Final

EFT Tapping is similar to the practices of acupuncture and acupressure, it works on the meridian energy fields of the body. Our cells hold memories of experiences which happened in our lives. This trapped energy and frequency can be activated over and over in the nervous system through triggers. Triggers occur via the five senses i.e what we hear, see, taste, touch or smell.

Use EFT forr self-esteem, self-worth. healing trauma, increasing self-belief ...you can work on pain management or weight loss, combined with so much more.

 Mindset Coaching 3

2. Learn Empowerment Mindset Coaching Tools

Coaching works on the cognitive mind.

Our mindset.

Our beliefs and values are our navigation system. If we are not aware of our own personal set of values and if we don’t align to these values we feel lost and frustrated. In mindset coaching practices we release limiting beliefs and choose new empowering beliefs which propel us forward positively.


Meditation Pose 3. Meditation & Breath Work For Emotional Release - Visualization Practice

Using powerful higher self meditations we access our inner knowing. The part of us with all the answers. We learn how to use visualisation properly. We get to really "feel"  through the five senses everything we want to create. This is what creates the "frequency alignment piece". We need to "feel it" in our nervous system to believe it. It is this what makes things happen in the outside world. 
                                 Tai Chi 2 Portmarnock


4. Mindful Breath Work & Energy Tai Chi

Connected breath work allows us to drop from the head and come into the body to connect with emotion and physical sensations. Here we use the Ancient Hawaiian Spirituality practice of Ho’oponopono and discover the HA breath work process. We release what we need to forgive.... any blame, shame or guilt. From this place of freedom we can express emotion fully and be free to connect, gain insight and clarity.

We learn some powerful Tai Chi principles to free up the heart energy so you can truly fully feel connection and love.

Tai Chi Correck Portmarock


We will take time to walk and connect in beautiful landscapes of nature, hopefully get a swim or walk barefoot in water. Through embracing the earth and the water we really embody all the elements of mother earth. Discover the poweer of earthing and forest bathing. Earthing is used to reduce inflamtion in the nervous system. By connecting with the electromagnetic waves of earth we work on the spirit and the energy body. 

We will enjoy walk and talk session by the sea and at Malahide Castle, weather permitting where we learn more around additional practices such as gratitude and journalling and how they too can support our well being.

 Forest Bathing

Tickets are €140 and limited to 25 people. You can follow the link to sign up if this sounds like something you would benefit from. Lunch is additinal. Wear comfy clothes, bring a towel water pen pater and comfy blanket. As its Ireland I allways say dress for all seasons!.....

I am excited to share this incredible event with you. Love and blessings Olivia


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