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 Vouchers - The Gift of Empowerment

Vouchers - The Gift of Empowerment

Vouchers can be used towards: **1-1 Apppointments for: Empowerment Coaching & Positive Change - Emotional Healing & Well-Being - **Wellness Retreats & **Well-Being Classes


Meet Olivia

Olivia receives outstanding feedback, all of which is noted on social feeds and her website.

She provides 1-1 Empowerment Well-Being Sessions for Clients, Energy Healing appointments, Quantum Alignment Energy Healing Retreats and Well-Being Classes, held weekly both online and in person!

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The gift of mental & emotional well-being ...the perfect gift ...especially in these times!

How these vouchers be used: 

Towards 1-1 Well-being sessions, classes or any one of our amazing retreat experiences.

Appointments are available both online or in person, all held in safe environments.

Area's where we can help you: 

  • Health - Relationships - Stress Management - Overwhelm
  • Self Sabotage - Worrying - Confidence & Self Esteem Building
  • Career - Personal Changes - Managing Difficult Relationships
  • Obtaining Happiness - Emotional Well-Being
  • Behavioral Change & Stopping any Unhealthy Patterns of Behavior

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The modalities & practices used are based on individual needs and range from:

EFT Tapping - Life Coaching - Quantum Thinking Psychology - NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming. All highly effective modalities for any of the above scenarios. 

The benefits: The practices empower clients, supporting them with a toolkit of techniques, methods and processes for dealing with life’s challenges as well as optimizing life’s opportunities.

The practices are mind- break through techniques, they are practical and gentle in nature, ideal for anyone seeking instant change.

**Vouchers can be used towards a in person or online wellness retreats, classes or 1-1 sesions. Costs relating to each specific service vary and can be found in the packages section.


  • Quantum Psychology Appointments: €180 for 2 hours (see packages for specific details)
  • EFT Tapping & Empowerment Coaching Sessions: €85 (1 hour)
  • Wellness Retreats: Range from  €150 - €220 per day (the voucher cost will go towards this, any balance can be paid on the retreat day - see packages for full specific details)
  • Weekly Class:  5 classes at €20- this voucher at €95 will cover a block of 5 classes - join our weekly amazing classes covering the incredible pracitces of EFT Tapping - Ho'oponopono Spirituality, Coaching & Meditation

Olivia has trained in some of the most phenomenal wellness healing modalities & personal development practices to include;

Behavioral Science NLP, EFT Tapping Therapy, TAT: Trauma Therapy, QTT: Quantum Psychology, Meditation, Angelic Healing & Ho'oponopono: 

Ho'oponopono is a Spirituality and energy healing practice from Hawawii. Ho'oponopono is an amazing inner child healing practice.

Olivia is a honorary memeber of the Ho'oponopono foundation and trained with world renowned trainer Mabel Katz.


Session Times - Days Available

sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday

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