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 Ho oponopono Spirituality & Energy Healing Sunday 25th September

Ho oponopono Spirituality & Energy Healing Sunday 25th September

Do you need to take care of YOU? ..Switch off & learn the power in refueling your own energies. If you are running on empty remember there is nothing to give!


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Ho’oponopono ~ Empowerment Coaching - EFT Tapping -  Meditation - Breath & Energy Work Practices

 Ho'oponopono Energy Healing Modality

Ho'oponopono is one of the THE MOST powerful spiritual energy healing practice's It comes from the magical island of Hawaii where Olivia was firstly introducted to it. From there she went on an amazing journey of self healing and self love. She then trained in this practice with Mabel Katz (who trianed with Dr. Hew Len from the book zero limits)

The practice allows you to learn the concept of returning to zero. A practice where we learn the power and freedom of 100% responsibility (not blame or guilt) A process of self love healing energy clearing and forgiviness.

learn how to use the mantra, the breath work and powerful inner child meditation pracitces plus so much more! 

How it works & what the evening involves

How To Use the Energy Clearning Circle & Change Frequency  - Use of the Ho'oponopon cleaning process for anything we need to cleanse and remove.

   How to Use the HA breath work process to release trapped emtion from the nervous energy body

The 12 Step Deep Questioning Process to release what is trapped from you core limiting beliefs and subconscious mind

The principles of Ho'oponopono and knowing how to clear and clean

Here we enjoy some incredible Meditation's, the Ho'oponopono Mantra & HA Breath Work Process

Alpha Beta State Meditation: Inner Child Shadown Work Healing Meditations, Higher Self Meditation, Release & Let Go, Empower & Grow, White Light Protection & Embodiment .... & many more incredible meditations

Learn the correct use of the Ho'oponopono Cleansing Mantra For Our Spirit

Our SPIRIT is the essence of who we are, it's the energy that you walk into the room with.. it's what defines you..it's one of the most important & precious aspects of who you are. You need to nurture and protect it, now more than ever.

 EFT Tapping with Ho'oponopono

Another powerful healing modality with huge science behind it.

Gal bladder meridian side of the eyes

Ho’oponopono with  Meridian Energy Cleaning throug EFT Tapping

Why we use this: reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm, To regulate our nervous system so we can align our energy and become a vibrational match for all our needs and desires.

Meridian energy work clears blockages for illness and suppressed emotions in the body. EFT is similar to the modality of acupressure & acupuncture and hold huge science behind it. This practice is so gentle you don't realise anything has happened.

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) - Discover how to use these powerful self-talk clearing statements which reprogram and re-align the mind and body. EFT works on the Amydala part of our brain responsible for our fight and flight responses, it supports healing and reprogramming that negative inner dialogue or inner critic. It is the part of our brain which gets triggered by emotional threat.

Keeping this aspect of ourselves regulated is vittal to our well-being and our vibrational energy.

Bladder Meridian

Ho’oponopono with EFT Meridian Energy  - Manifestation through Tapping. Here we learn how to set intention's whilst tapping in "the frequency" & emotional energy of that which we wish to hold. This allows us to embody a new energetic frequency so we can come into alignment Physically Emotionally Mentally Energetically.

The FOCUS of the workshop class is two things, Emotional regulation & Empowerment, without emotional regulation we cannot emobdy the higher vibrational frequency of empowerment as we cannot HOLD or cotain the energy if our nervous systems is overloaded and not regulated.

Pass forward these great learnings to others so we can even TEACH OUR CHILDREN!! We are responsible for the things which they are not taught in school


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The Ho’oponopono "HA" Cleansing & Closing Breath Technique... is to soothe the mind & body, its an effective and fast tool to take you back to regulation.

the Ho’oponopono protection prayers & ancestral energy cleaning is to protect and nourish the spirit - that vital part of who you are which we tend to forget

Learn exactly how to do "the cleaning process" to release blocks and manifest dreams

The Ho'oponopono Manifestation Energy Circle


Additional add on's to this incredible  evening include:

corporate coaching 380x380

Empowerment Coaching Practices - each week we will add in a powerful tool in the area of personal development 

& NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (discover the power of language, body language & human conditioning)

Closing Meditation & Activity (we engage in what is called the 4 way Ho'oponopono clarity questioning process)




Stress Buster Techniques: Leave with your own spiritual toolkit of support practices which help guide you in managing key areas of your life. Learn some tools to help support stress, overwhelm & problem-solving techniques

Lying Down with the Crystals Swynnerton window

BENEFITS: Stress Reduction – Come away feeling relaxed and with suite of techniques which contribute to a new way of effectively managing life or any stresses, feel a sense of healing, well-being and relaxation a little “me time” - You will come away feeling you have valued "You", feeling empowered to face your future with new tools and a positive mindset.  The message is to take care of YOU! When we take care of ourselves we share this powerful energy with others including our friends family work colleagues and we generate this incredible pay it forward ripple effect of positive energy.

Black White Energy Consciousness Tai Chi Pose

WHERE: CLASS SCHEDULES: direct message Olivia hello@wellnessbyolivia or message via socials to book!

CO. MEATH - BECTIVE MILL, (Outside Navan & Trim):

Wednesday's & Fridays: 7.450pm - 9.15pm **Note CLASS is held in Knightsbrook Trim for Co. Meath during the bad weather season with online option available.

Additional fascinating information for read around understanding energy:

All objects in the universe, including human bodies, are composed of energy.  That energy is the foundation of all matter, and exchanges with everything else.  The same energy that composes one person, composes all people.  Energy is always flowing, always changing.

Everything in this universe is energy. The universe itself is made up of atoms which is energy & so too is the physical body. Great people such as Albert Einstein & neuro scientist Vilayanurmur Ramachandran shared the great teachings of quantum physics and details around exactly "how" we collectively interact in this shared quantum enegy field (these atoms) It is no coincidence that we experience "feeling the emotions of others" this was proven by in the understanding around pain neurons and empathy neurons in the brain -  https://patimes.org/connected/

Spooky action at a distance” is how Albert Einstein described Quantum Entanglement Theory while working on the experiments chronicled in his 1935 paperCan Quantum-Mechanical Description of Physical Reality Be Considered Complete?  Einstein and his colleagues were intrigued by the strange effects of quantum mechanics.  Researchers entangled particles, then separated and placed them at a distance from each other.  No matter the distance, when one of the former entangled pair was manipulated, the other instantly moved to a matching state.  They were physically separated, but somehow still connected.

Course Info

  • 101

    Individual Executive Life & Business Coaching

Session Times - Days Available

sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday
Bective Mill Just Outside Navan 7.30pm - 9.00pm Class Begins officially at 8.00pm - 9.15pm If people wish to align from 7pm they are welcome to do so where we will commence with some grounding exercises
Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links Dublin Outdoor space with rain shelter in the magical secret garden Class Begins officially at 7.00pm - 9.15pm If people wish to align from 7pm they are welcome to do so where we will commence with some grounding exercises

Knightsbrook, Trim, Co. Meath

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