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Olivia O'Connor

Experience: 10+ Years

Email: hello@wellnessbyolivia.com

Website: https://www.wellnessbyolivia.com

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Olivia O'Connor


My personal story on why you should embrace the combined practices of Energy EFT Tapping, Transformational Life Coaching and Subconscious healing through Ho’oponopono.

When trying to embrace change through Personal Development I discovered there’s an easier more successful way than just talk therapy alone. Through removing long standing self-limiting subconscious patterns and energy blockages from both our mind and body, We prevent physical disease and create powerful inner growth and healing. This shift can be achieved when we combine techniques such as Life Coaching, EFT Tapping, EGO Awareness and work on our Inner Child or Subconscious mind. (Ho’oponopono, is a practice I use which you can easily learn. It releases old memory programs replaying as problems in our day to day lives. The most important relationship in the world in the between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

I never believed it was possible to feel this way. To heal, grow and learn to this new state of being. My journey involved a deep commitment “to myself” huge sacrifices and alone time as I embraced stripping down my own human EGO & connecting to a higher consciousness. EGO is our trap, we need to manage this aspect of ourselves. The EGO doesn’t like change, it creates resistance and wants things to remain the same. You must notice which state you are acting from, the higher self and inspiration or EGO. It is never a good choice to allow EGO to lead. When you release the EGO energy. You must notice which state you are acting from, the higher self and inspiration or EGO. It is never a good choice to allow EGO to lead. When you release the EGO energy, positive Karma takes effect naturally.

We did not come here to “think” in fact thinking is the problem, We did not come to accumulate things, We came to FEEL, to grow and to become someone. We came to connect with our heart energy and not or EGO or thought forms which are limiting. To become authentic and to have integrity isn’t always easy but it’s worth it. You see someone is watching, Called healthy karma and it pays you forward beautifully. When you walk the talk of what you learn you lead through inspiration instead of control, your vibration shifts others positively and automatically without saying a word. To be true to yourself means you live a life aligned to fulfilment and healthy boundaries.

I deeply wanted to re-program myself, my limiting beliefs, heal blocked emotions and raise my vibration. I under took practices which allowed me to become the “Change” daily meditations, self-coaching exercises, EFT Tapping, daily gratitude practices and journaling feelings. It is highly important we remain connected to feelings and not thoughts, this is a very important grounding exercise as feelings are not thoughts. I worked on the vibration of nutrition – removing toxins from my life, learning new eating patterns to include organic foods, herbal medicines, nutrients and kinesiology. I healed inflammatory illnesses within my body. Everything is emotional energy problems within the body, this is what I have learned and worked through.

I utilize a combination of EFT Energy Healing, Transformational Life Coaching practices, Inner Child Subconscious exercises and Awareness mentoring programs which help shift self-limiting beliefs and deep emotional blocks. These combined practices help us transform on a spiritual, emotional, physical and physiological level. I invite you to embrace this incredible learning journey through my support and training.

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