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Corporate & Individual Wellness ~ Online and on-site platforms available:

  • Executive Coaching - Personal Development
  • Behavioural Specialist - Advanced Behavioural Techniques  
  • Emotion Practitioner - EFT Tapping, Energy Psychology
  • Bespoke Corporate Wellness Energizer Workshops Online
  • Retreats (Online options)

Corporate Wellness  
Olivia is highly experienced in delivering strategies to assist individuals and teams with their future ambitions and to create a positive meaningful impact on the team’s performance. Olivia has been fortunate to travel the globe delivering numerous sessions to educate, support and improve people’s wellness, mental and emotional health.

Olivia’s philosophy is….
Wellness by Olivia offers a suite of services for the corporate sector and has partnered with many companies to support the delivery of high quality, personal development, work place behaviours and mental health wellness programs for their employees. We thoroughly enjoy seeing the smallest transitions we make for people in their personnel and professional lives.  

Bespoke Wellness Energizer Programmes: [choose your top 5 or regroup them]

  • The power of understanding non-verbal communication
  • Feelings of stress or overwhelm at work
  • Preventing burnout and absenteeism
  • Changing behaviour to transform performance in the workplace
  • Conflict at work
  • Resisting change
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Team bonding sessions ~ Positive energy activities
  • Self-awareness in the workplace & personal development mentoring
  • Procrastination verses motivation
  • Emotional intelligence ~ Happiness & gratitude at work
  • Work life balance which creates higher results
  • Values & Beliefs: The compass which navigates us
  • Goal setting & achieving measurable results

Online Platforms

Online platforms

Wellness by Olivia offers our valued guests access to online platforms for the following services 

 EFT Tapping ~ Minding your emotional health is everything

EFT Energy Tapping -Tapping on the Meridian energy points of the body (EFT) is one of the most advanced forms of Energy Psychology

Tapping helps release blocked emotional energy from the bodies energy system. The technique can be helpful for:

  • Self regulation and realignment of emotions
  • Feelings of stress and anxiety  or resistance
  • Shifting from limiting to empowering beliefs
  • Self- validation and acceptance
  • Pain
  • Clearing and releasing unhealthy emotions   

EFT is based on the understanding that all negative emotions stem from a disruption in the body's energy system, which in turn leads to unhealthy behaviour’s, illness and pain.  EFT has even been used effectively in treating war veterans and active military with PTSD. Within a month participants’ receiving EFT coaching session had significantly reduced their psychological stress.

What is QTT - Quantum Thinking Technologies and how can it help you?

QTT focuses on behaviours and releasing emotions. It empowers and supplies clients with an astounding toolkit of remarkable behavioural techniques which they have forever more, methods and processes for dealing with challenges as well as optimizing life’s opportunities.

  • Quantum Alignment – How to feel whole, Emotionally - Mentally - Physically
  • The Behavioural Codes – Learning what drives behaviour - Changing our responses
  • Quantum Release – Release limiting emotions and behavioural patterns & creating new patterns and behavioural habits

QTT works on the premise that it is practically impossible to achieve new positive desired outcomes while running the same old disempowering subconscious patterns from past experiences. QTT flatlines these old patterns before working to create new supportive desired habits. Created by Moira Geary


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching
Life Coaching: What to expect from a Coaching Session?

Olivia trained as a leadership coach with the highly recognised Positive Success Group. Olivia’s coaching programs work with private individuals and corporate companies. Workplace coaching works around equipping people with the tools, techniques, knowledge and opportunities they need to fully develop themselves. The focus is around personal development - developing individuals to become their “best self” so they can contribute at this level. 

Are you directing you teams or coaching them?

Coaching provides a process which enables behavioural shifts this in turn allows tasks and people to move forward easily. Coaching techniques build and enhance team’s performance, increases sales, improves management, leadership and reduces staff turnover and absenteeism. 

For private individuals: together we explore how to re connect you with your internal compass, your values and beliefs. Our limiting and empowering beliefs influence how we shape our world together we use powerful techniques to bring you into alignment so you can achieve the life you have dreamed off. 

Click on our packages section to see how we can help change your life.

RETREATS - Private Individuals & Corporate Companies


During our powerhouse retreats we help align from a physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual perspective. We understand that in order to become whole we must align ourselves in all areas. 

Make new friendships and engage in practices of meditation, nature walks, cooking, painting, life coaching, EFT tapping, exciting vision boards, and much, much more... 

Why not bring a retreat day to your corporate company!

Retreat locations vary our regular retreats are held in Tara Co. Meath & Glendalough Co. Wicklow

Minimum numbers 7, - 1 plus 2 & a half day options available currently

Pricing: 1 Day Event Private Individual ~ €250 - 2 and a half Day Event €375 (plus food and accommodation) Corporate retreats separate pricing outline 


September 2019 Wellness Retreat Glendalough


Knightsbrook, Trim, Co. Meath

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